The Benefits

What if there was one large, strong, committed, well-funded, connected organization devoted to increasing radio’s tuning?

What if radio could actually and cumulatively measure digital tuning on and across all devices accurately?

What if there was one organization that national advertisers could work with to execute their digital advertising, rather than having to deal with multiple groups and people? Imagine if we could leverage all of our digital impressions into a revenue stream?

Radioplayer Features

  1. ACCESS: Radioplayer provides your listeners with access to your station on all of their digital devices. They can access your content from where they consume media.
  2. USER EXPERIENCE: Simple and consistent. The applications are top rated amongst other radio apps, other audio apps and against other media apps.
  3. INNOVATION: Canada can take advantage and leverage five years of innovation, experience, partnerships and investment. We can be a part of something much bigger than if we tried to do it on our own.

Radioplayer Benefits

  1. CONTROL: Controlled by all Canadian broadcasters, no third party conflicts of interest or lobbying by outside groups.
  2. MANAGEMENT: Managed by a Canadian company under the guidance of a Board of Directors made up of Canadian Broadcasters – complete control.
  3. COLLABORATION: Proven technology and success in innovation made by Radioplayer UK. Take advantage of the millions of pounds invested and winning learnings made by its creator.
    • 6 million users and growing
    • 5 international territories signed and collaborating
    • User Experience is ranked #1 when compared to TuneIn, Googleplay, Spotify and other station apps.
    • Drives digital tuning because it puts radio where the listeners are:
    • In the last three years every station that adopted Radioplayer has seen a double-digit increase in tuning (the average is 37%). This includes the BBC which already had a very robust digital listening platform.
  5. INCREASE IN RADIO USAGE: The consistency and user-friendly nature of the player keeps listeners engaged in consuming audio through a radio platform. If a listener tunes out, they don’t go to their own library of music, they don’t go to another digital audio solution, they stay within the Radioplayer platform and find another favorite station to listen to. The experience retains listeners within radio.
  6. COST: Affordable for all radio stations and all sizes of radio groups.
  7. NO DISRUPTION: There is no disruption to your current platforms or to your current revenue streams, this player and its apps will only add to what you are already doing.
  8. MARKETING STRATEGY TO INCREASE NEW LISTENERS: Radioplayer Canada would facilitate and manage a marketing campaign to draw new listeners to the platform.


  • Radioplayer Canada provides one digital & mobile stop for Canadian Radio
  • Utilizes world class technology and all the subsequent updates
  • Puts radio where the listeners are
  • Provides a U/X that increases TSL and station discovery
  • Takes advantage of innovation and partnerships of other territories

Radioplayer Knowledge Base has written 40 articles

We’ve put together a handy guide to get you set up quickly in Radioplayer. As you know, the Radioplayer console is a browser-based application which is hosted by your station, so before you begin, you’ll need someone who knows their way around your website and has FTP access.

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