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Important Image Download!

As each Radioplayer Canada web player is a unique instance outputted from the Radioplayer Canada Station Control Panel there is one image that resides on your stations servers that requires updating manually.

The path to the image hosted on your server will be – /img/radioplayer-logo-bw.png – you simply need to overwrite the file. If you have customized your web players this path may not be as stated above – simply do a find and replace server side for the image name radioplayer-logo-bw.png and overwrite with the image provided.

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Brand Spots / Drops

Radioplayer Canada: 30 Spots and Drops

The three 30-second audio Brand Spots:

Spot 1

Spot 2

Spot 3

Three 30 Second Audio Brand Spots can be downloaded here:
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Station Imaging Scripts
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*Traffic Instructions: Please rotate evenly.

Television Spots

Television Spots (high & lo rez):
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Low Rez| High Rez

Digital Creative

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Digital Creative
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Brand Guidelines

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Brand Guidelines
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Logo Kit

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Logo Kit EPS,PNG,JPG Formats
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Fonts: GT Eesti | Sintony

App Images

Radioplayer Canada 2018 App Images
iOS Screens | Android Screens

Documents / Commitments / Scripts

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Documents

Promo Commitment

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Promo Commitment
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Social Media Commitment

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Social Media Commitment
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PR Launch Template

Radioplayer Canada 2018 PR Launch Template
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Promo Scripts

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Promo Scripts
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Station Imaging Scripts

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Station Imaging Scripts
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Key Messaging for on-air talent is here

Radioplayer Canada 2018 Key Messaging
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