How to get your station in the mobile apps

It’s quite easy to get your station included in the Radioplayer mobile apps. It’s just a matter of ensuring you’ve got a compatible stream available (low bitrate mp3 or aac at 48k or under) and a couple of logos cropped.

Step 1: Prepare your streams

The Radioplayer mobile apps require a stream of 48k or under. This is because users on poor quality 3G connections or even 2.5G connections should still be able to listen to your station. Even faster 3.5 and 4G connections can degrade when the user is in transit.

We support both MP3 and AAC. We’ve noticed that AAC streams tend to sound better at these low bitrates. Indeed you can go right down to 32k AAC and it’s still fine. If you stick with MP3, then consider a mono stream which will sound better than stereo.

You will need your streaming provider to give you the stream URL and for advanced users, we also support both M3U8 and PLS playlist formats to allow for pre-roll, playlisting or load-balancing.

Step 2: Prepare your images

You need to create a couple of images to upload to Radioplayer. The first is a 288 (w) x 162 (h) logo, the second is 160×90. Acceptable file formats are PNG, GIF and JPEG only. Save them somewhere locally, in preparation for the next step.

Step 3: Upload the images

Login to the Station Control Panel and you’ll be presented with a list of your station(s).

Locate the station you wish to update and click to update the Station Profile. From there, click the Images tab. Our tool lets you either upload one big image and we’ll resize it for you. Or you can upload an individual image for the 288×162 and 160×90 images (and the others if you wish).

Step 4: Specify the streams

Navigate from the Images tab to the Audio tab. Scroll to the Mobile Streams section.

In the section called Primary Mobile Stream, enter first the bitrate (eg. for 32k, enter 32), the stream type and finally the URL of the stream as provided to you by your streaming provider. If you’re missing any of these details, your stream host will be able to help.

When you’re done, you can either hit ‘Submit’ or you can fill out the optional sections shown below

Optional fields to add

Pick a colour: Whilst it’s not essential, you can make your visibility in the mobile apps even better! Start by clicking on the Devices tab. From there, use the colour picker to select a Primary Station Colour. We’ll skin up your section in the mobile app with this colour, so pick something that matches one of your brand colours.

Choose your category: Click the Station Data tab and scroll to the bottom. Choose up to two categories that broadly reflect the majority of your output.

Click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the screen.

You’re done

That’s it. Your profile edits will be reviewed by our super team of angry beavers and all being well, you’ll appear in the app within a few hours after that approval.

Radioplayer Knowledge Base has written 40 articles

We’ve put together a handy guide to get you set up quickly in Radioplayer. As you know, the Radioplayer console is a browser-based application which is hosted by your station, so before you begin, you’ll need someone who knows their way around your website and has FTP access.

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